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I just wanted to tell you we had a vendor come in from our corporate office with some cleaner for the trucks. Now don’t freak out, but they made the comment that this was the cleanest fleet of garbage trucks they had ever seen. They were actually bummed out because everything was so clean that they really could not demo their product. Just want to thank you for the good job you and your people do.

-Carl H.

Thank you Brian and the people at Bartholomew Pressure Washing for the good work on our house. BPW has been power washing our house since 2008. Our house is white vinyl and it shows all the dirt and mildew very easy. BPW comes in and cleans our house in a professional and courteous manner and we continue to rely on BPW with our pressure washing needs. Thanks again.

-Mark S.

Just sold a house they washed for me. Made a real big difference in how nice it looked afterward. It was well worth the money and I’m happy with the operator. I would highly recommend them!

-John S.

They did an excellent job on my home. It looks brand new. I would HIGHLY recommend them.

-Floyd N.

Brian is a great guy and very good to work with. He clearly cares about his customers and the quality of service that he and his team provide. Can’t recommend them enough.

-Garrett K.

Very professional and well equipped for the job. Always got the job done quick and exceptionally well done. I strongly recommend their service.

-Brandon M.

The house looks so much cleaner! Thanks again!

-Abbey M.

Patsy was so helpful when I called to get an estimate to get my house washed. My bricks had black and green moss growing on them. The crew was able to get the bricks clean and did a great job.

-Jessica C.

I have an older porch that I did not think there was any hope for. Eric cleaned it and it looks new again. I highly recommend their service.

-Doug F.

My house looks so much better and cleaner.Thanks for the great job!

-Kathy C.

Adrian did a great job cleaning the exterior of our home. All of the spider web and mildew was gone. The siding looked almost new.

-Azia C.

Amazing results! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for a great pressure washing job!

-Steve B.

The guys at Bartholomew Pressure washing do a great job washing our vehicles. Highly recommend!

-Chastity H.

I recommend them because they’re professional and they do great work.

-Charles R.

Thanks to you and your family for what you’ve done for me. The house looks really nice. The guy you sent here did a good job. May God really bless you and multiply all your jobs. Continue to do God’s work and thanks again so much.

-Francine E.

Brian and his crew have pressure washed my house several times and the experience has been absolutely fantastic. They are very conscience in their jobs and very professional. Brian and his crew have the best customer service out of any residential cleaning company I’ve experienced. They have done such an amazing job on the exterior of my home, that I hired them and his newly acquired company Chem Dry of Rocky Mount to provide services for the interior of my home. The outcome was just as fantastic as the pressure washing experience. I would recommend either company Bartholomew Enterprises for exterior or Chem Dry of Rocky Mount for interior to anyone!!!!!! I would like to say Thank You Brian Bartholomew and his teams.

-Darlene N.

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4242 Six Forks Road, Suite 1550
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Serving Spring Hope, Jordan, Wake County, Wilson County, Durham, Raleigh, Sedalia, Nash County, Pitt County, & Middlesex, NC

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