Restaurant Cleaning

Over the years we have come up with economically responsible ways to provide services to the restaurant and food prep industry. We have three trucks that each consist of two hot water units, 600 gal fresh water tank, and other specialty equipment allow us to accommodate stand alone restaurants and statewide chains. Our hot water units, specialty chemicals, and unique equipment allow our experienced teams to produce results.

We offer maintenance programs that help reduce cost. With our regular maintenance programs we will take care of scheduling and contact of your representatives. Our flexible schedule allows us to meet your availability.

We provide cleaning service in the following areas:

  • Floors
  • Tile and Grout
  • Sidewalks
  • Waste/Grease Pads
  • Kitchen Exhaust Systems
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Kitchen Exhaust Systems

NFPA 96 requires hoods to be cleaned and services regularly. The contaminants in exhaust are fuel to fires. Regularly cleaned systems run more efficiently with less down time due to malfunctions.

restaurant exhaust cleaning
Our Service

We thoroughly clean hoods, filters, ducts and fans. We visually inspect components of each system making notes of any areas needing additional attention. Hinge kits for fans available!

Waste Pads

Customers not only choose restaurants for great food, but also for clean facilities. Cleaning side walks and waste/grease pads shows your customers that you are attentive to details.

restaurant waste pad cleaning
Our Service

By thoroughly cleaning waste pads, parking lots and sidewalks, our services reduce odors and eliminate the build up of grease and gum.


Grease and dirt combine to make unsanitary and slippery conditions, resulting in dangerous work ares. Protect your stake holders and investment by keeping restaurant floor surfaces free from hazards.

restaurant floor cleaning
Our Service

With regular maintenance, our steam cleaning and drying procedure keeps surfaces film-free, reduces risk, and makes for more favorable stake holder experiences and higher evaluation scores.

Take advantage of our maintenance plans to save money and maintain the appearance of your investment.


Attention Chains, Franchises, and Franchisees! We can offer more discounts with referrals and multiple locations.

Call or click for a free consultation and environmental analysis near you.

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Serving Spring Hope, Jordan, Wake County, Wilson County, Durham, Raleigh, Sedalia, Nash County, Pitt County, & Middlesex, NC

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