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Looking for the best truck washing Raleigh, NC has to offer? Bartholomew Pressure Washing has been cleaning commercial vehicles for years! We have the experience, personnel and equipment to satisfy any and all truck cleaning in Raleigh, NC. For over 17 years, Bartholomew Pressure Washing has been dedicated to providing quality services to customers. We know you’re busy so let us take the cleaning off your shoulders. Not only is it important for the brand image of your business but having a clean truck lets you see possible maintenance concerns and helps the vehicle last for longer. We offer on-site truck washing, powerful cleaning chemicals and guaranteed promise that you will love the results you get.

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The Process: How Our Raleigh Truck Washing Service Works

Proper maintenance of your vehicles is needed to keeping a business running smoothly. Taking advantage of our truck washing services in Raleigh, NC is the perfect opportunity to protect your business investments. Bartholomew Pressure Washing helps your business in a small, yet big way. 

Our innovative process, combined with experienced professionals, sets us apart from the rest. We encourage all commercial truck owners to make this a priority for their business. As you most likely know already, regular cleaning reveals unnoticed leaks or necessary repairs. This will help keep your trucks on the road more often in the long run, because you’ll be able to spot problems early on.

Before getting your truck cleaned by Bartholomew Pressure Washing, you probably want to know what makes us different. Here’s a quick look at what we have to offer:

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Our Process

Our process is both economically responsible and effective. Our specialty chemicals are capable of being used separately or together, producing clean vehicles that can’t be beat. We are eco-conscious and that’s why we’ve discovered a way to recover waste water in unique environments.


Bartholomew Pressure Washing has developed a powerful way to wash trucks in Raleigh. Each of our pressure washing trucks is equipped with a 600 gallon fresh water tank. This, combined with two hot water units, gives us all the water power we need to return the shine back to your work trucks.

Industries Served

We provide truck washing at your site location for a number of industries, including:

  • Waste
  • Construction
  • Distribution
  • Hauling
  • Fluid handling

Customers are our #1 Priority

Bartholomew Pressure Washing believes in a customer-first experience. Whether you own a few specialty trucks, or manage a fleet of high-end vehicles, we are ready and capable of bringing back their original shine.

We will go out of our way to make sure everything you need is covered. We have a vast amount of experience washing trucks in Raleigh, NC, for commercial trucks in varying industries. We know how to do the job right the first time, and will work with you to make sure you’re happy with the finished product!


*While we have the capability to remove a number of contaminants on fleets, please be aware that some limitations and liability apply. Please contact our office for additional details. 

See what people are saying about our Raleigh Truck Washing service:

I just wanted to tell you we had a vendor come in from our corporate office with some cleaner for the trucks. Now don’t freak out, but they made the comment that this was the cleanest fleet of garbage trucks they had ever seen. They were actually bummed out because everything was so clean that they really could not demo their product. Just want to thank you for the good job you and your people do.

Carl H.

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Bartholomew Pressure Washing

Phone: (252) 813-5171
4242 Six Forks Road, Suite 1550
Raleigh, NC 27609

Serving Spring Hope, Jordan, Wake County, Wilson County, Durham, Raleigh, Sedalia, Nash County, Pitt County, & Middlesex, NC

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